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Affordable and Reliable Trucking Dispatch Company

We provide virtual assistant services for trucking companies, specializing in Dispatch, Accounting, and Trucking tasks.

Meta Trucking Dispatch

We offer Dispatch, Accounting, and Trucking Virtual Assistant services to trucking companies.

Why are our services so affordable?

  • We support 200+ Trucks, both internal and external, which helps lower the cost base.
  • We use in-house technology such as Metro TMS, which helps us to scale operations and lower costs.
  • Our Global Delivery Centers enable us to reduce costs.

We are trustworthy because:

  • Run by a US Army Veteran.
  • Operating for 5+ years from Atlanta.
  • Real people committed to the trucking industry.

MRO – Our Proprietary Algorithm to Support You in Low RPM Markets

Have you got stuck in Low RPM Markets, such as Florida?

Our proprietary algorithm called MetroMax Routing Options (MRO) can help you overcome this challenge. We provide a series of 2 or 3 “connected loads” from low RPM locations to high RPM locations. This can help you achieve better RPM averages for the week.

MRO is an integral part of our services. Connect with us below to try out MRO.


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As the most affordable and trustworthy US trucking services organization, we can save you money and improve quality. Share the requested information to find out how much you’ll save. Use English language.

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